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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Marta Gladun Detox Programme?

Marta Gladun Detox Programme is no ordinary detox regime. During Marta Gladun's - Shambhala Detox, we refrain from eating. Instead, we use a specially selected mixture of herbs, composed by doctors from New Zealand, which allows faster elimination of toxins, deposits, and excess cholesterol from the body. The physical cleansing of the body is accompanied by mental cleansing from stress, depressive thoughts, and fatigue. It is primarily a time for oneself - in nature, in silence, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.​

What’s included in the detox retreat?

  • Daily lectures with expert guidance and education 

  • Q&A sessions

  • Yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation excercises

  • Herbal supplements for the 3 days of detoxification

  • 24-hour support from Marta and the team

  • Morning and evening personal visits (to check gut health after colonic hydrotherapy)

  • Daily walks in the nature

  • Evening sauna sessions

  • Journalling and self-authoring sessions

  • Small group setting

  • Community support

Who can benefit from a detox program?

Detox programs can benefit individuals looking to enhance liver function, improve overall health, and reduce the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. 

The intensive group detox is designed to go upstream and straight to toxins, such as heavy metals and environment chemicals. These toxins get stored in some of the most critical areas of our body, such as our glands, organs, brain tissue, and cells. When this happens, we experience a variety of symptoms like brain fog, weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, gut issues, inexplicable pain, etc. that can later lead to diseases like cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, and obesity.

What are the benefits of a detox program?

Detox can help with the following: 

  • Stimulating growth hormones (a fat-burning hormone) secretion by 1300%

  • Triggering autophagy, ie. cleaning up of damaged cells 

  • Stem cells generation 

  • Stabilizes blood sugar

  • Immune system

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Detoxification 

  • Weight loss and improved metabolic function 

  • Slowing the aging process, longevity

  • Helping autoimmune conditions

  • Normalizing your insulin and leptin sensitivity

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Chronic pain

  • Candida, gut issues

  • Gallbladder issues

  • Improving biomarkers of disease

  • Supporting hormones and fertility

  • Menopause and perimenopause 

  • Normalizing ghrelin levels, aka “the hunger hormone”

  • Reducing inflammation and lessen free radical damage

  • Lowering triglyceride levels

  • Memory function and mood

  • Boosting brain power by stimulating BDNF (a brain-boosting hormone) by 400%

  • Supporting the treatment and prevention of cancer

I am underweight. Can I do the detox?

Yes, individuals of all sizes and body compositions can participate in a detox. The purpose of a detox is to help the body eliminate toxins and improve overall health and wellness. If you're underweight and interested in a detox program, please contact us, and we will help you determine a safe and effective program tailored to your individual needs.

Who can participate in the detox?

Detox programs are suitable for adults of all ages. Our participants have ranged from 14 to 80 years old.

Can I continue taking my prescribed medications during the detox?

Yes, you can continue taking your prescribed medications during the detox.

How long does a detox program last?

The duration of a detox program is six days, starting with check-in at 5 PM on the first day and concluding with check-out at 11 AM on the last day.

Will I experience hunger during the detox?

During the detox, you will not feel hungry. Your body will shift into a state of endogenous recovery, allowing it to heal and repair itself from within. When you don’t consume food or calories, the body looks for other energy sources, such as drawing on glucose, i.e., sugar stores. Once the glucose is significantly used up, the body’s metabolism changes, and the body begins to burn fatty acids from stored fat for energy. When this transition to burning fat for energy is made, the body begins producing ketones and is said to be in a state of “ketosis.” Once you reach a state of ketosis, many of the benefits of fasting start to kick in. The specific benefits can vary depending on how many hours you have been fasting. For example, growth hormones kick in at 13 hours, whereas autophagy is thought to kick in at 16-18 hours. MIT research shows that at 24 hours, intestinal stem cells will begin repair, and 24 hours is also when you start to see weight loss.

Fasting is the deliberate abstention from food and/or fluids for a period of time for therapeutic purposes. Many people don’t know that fasting has been used for thousands of years in various religious and spiritual practices throughout human history, and in a sense, fasting is part of everyday life. The term ‘breakfast’ is the meal that breaks the fast, which is done daily.

Who should refrain from participating in a detox?

Detox programs are not recommended for:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals

  • Those with chronic medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, liver or kidney disease)

  • Individuals with eating disorders

What should I drink during a detox program?

It's important to drink plenty of warm water during a detox program to support the body's natural detoxification processes.


What should I avoid during a detox program?

We recommend disconnecting from technology and focusing on self-care and stress reduction during your detox program.

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