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Post-Detox Care and Transition

As we start to incorporate fasting into our routines, our bodies physiologically take a bit of time to adjust to the new regimen, especially if we used to eat constantly. As chronic eaters, our bodies constantly spend metabolic energy producing digestive enzymes to process our food. This changes when we first start fasting. The digestive enzymes are not needed or produced.


We ensure you are fully prepared to resume regular eating during the first seven days after leaving our detox retreat. Following our dietary recommendations once you return home is crucial for a smooth transition. Before starting your detox retreat with us, we will provide you with post-detox dietary advice in advance, especially if you are flying home immediately after the program, and stock up on the right foods for your return.

For those who prefer to break their fast with the Shambhala Team, we offer a tailored After Detox Care Plan. This personalized plan ensures you continue your journey to optimal health with the guidance and support you need.

Avoiding the Re-tox Trap


First-time fasters often worry about falling back into unhealthy habits after a fast, potentially re-toxing as quickly as they detoxed, even on the return flight home! However, our experience shows that your body eliminates unwanted waste and toxic matter during the program and releases old addictions and tastes. That cup of coffee or pizza may not taste as good after a fast because your body is more attuned to its natural desires rather than being driven by addiction.

Sustaining Post-Detox Benefits


The weeks and months following detox are an excellent opportunity to implement long-desired lifestyle and dietary changes with minimal resistance from your body and mind. The post-fast “high,” increased vitality, and youthful exuberance (people often remark they look 5-7 years younger!) can be long-lasting, especially if you continue to apply the nutrition and healthy lifestyle knowledge gained during your detox program.


After Detox Care Plan

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