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Detox Reset

LENGHT: 3 nights / 4 days

Begin your longevity journey

Relinquish your stress, fatigue, and toxins


Return home rejuvenated, lighter, younger, and with a clear mind


Establish a sustainable, healthy routine for the long term


Enhance physical and mental well-being


Address inflammation and oxidative stress effectively


Enhance the quality of your sleep


Decrease stress levels


Restore balance to your intestinal flora and microbiome


Daily specially crafted juice blends

Breathwork techniques rejuvenating your nervous system and eliminating micro toxins from the body

Colonic cleanse


Elements of ancient yoga restoring youthfulness, flexibility, and energy to your tired organs

Sauna and steaming sessions

Morning and Evening walks

Special herbal blend expediting body detoxification


Meditations and mind-quieting activities

Evening journaling and self-authoring


Daily lectures with expert guidance and education 

Post-detox meal plan

Q&A sessions


Enema kit

Body massage brush

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic sesame seed oil 

2 l container

Plastic strainer

Organic ground coffee

Notebook & pen

Recommended for:

People who are seeking to eliminate toxins from the body.


People who are aiming to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.


People who have experienced a period of unhealthy eating or lifestyle habits.


People who suffer from symptoms of fatigue, bloating, or sluggish digestion.


People who want to improve their overall well-being and vitality.


Under the supervision and advice of our team of professionals,
we detoxify the body through:


Purify the body of toxins accumulated in the liver and digestive system due to bad eating habits and external pollutants.


Clear your mind, eliminate stress, anxiety, depression.


Change your lifestyle, eating habits and programs that are holding you back.

How to prepare?

5 days before the detox, we recommend consuming only fruit and vegetables (preferably warm) and drinking freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas.


During this time, abstain from sugar, salt, meat, dairy products, and bread. We give up coffee and black tea. Easily digestible meals allow the tissues of the digestive organs to relax and the stomach to shrink gradually, ideally preparing for the cleansing therapy.


Good preparation for detox guarantees easy cleansing and a positive experience.

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