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Advanced Detox

LENGHT: 5 nights / 6 days

Six days. Life-changing results.


The Marta Gladun Detox Program has the power to transform long-established habits and supercharge health in just one week. 

Cleanse the body and mind through an ancient yet effective practice. Increase energy levels, improve the clarity of thought, and enjoy a quieter mind while boosting the immune system.


Shambhala Detox Therapy

Colonic cleanse 

Pranayama breathing techniques  


Ancient Yoga

Ear Candling 

Zapper Treatment 

Sauna and steaming sessions

Morning and evening walks

Herbal supplements for the three days of detoxification


Meditations and mind-quieting activities

Evening journaling and self-authoring


Daily lectures with expert guidance and education 

Nutrition Masterclass

Post-detox meal plan

Q&A sessions


Enema kit

Hot water bottle

Body massage brush

Castor Oil

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic sesame seed oil 

2 l container

Plastic strainer

Organic ground coffee

Notebook & pen

Recommended for:

People with inappropriate habits such as excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, tobacco, medicines or poor diet, among others.

People who strive to be the best version of themselves and want to find a path to optimum health and performance.

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, often feel fatigued and wish to retrain unhealthy habits that will improve all areas of your life.

People subjected to high levels of stress or pollution.


Under the supervision and advice of our team of professionals,
we detoxify the body through:


Purify the body of toxins accumulated in the liver and digestive system due to bad eating habits and external pollutants.


Clear your mind, eliminate stress, anxiety, depression.


Change your lifestyle, eating habits and programs that are holding you back.

How to prepare?

Six days without a meal is undoubtedly a challenge for a body used to eating unhealthy meals, often in a hurry. Therefore, you should be adequately prepared for the cleanse. 5 days before the detox, we recommend consuming only fruit and vegetables (preferably warm) and drinking freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas.


During this time, abstain from sugar, salt, meat, dairy products, and bread. We give up coffee and black tea. Easily digestible meals allow the tissues of the digestive organs to relax and the stomach to shrink gradually, ideally preparing for a six-day cleansing therapy.


Good preparation for detox guarantees easy cleansing and a complete absence of hunger for six days.

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